Description Fee
Consultation €55
Consultation – more than one child €20 extra for 2nd child
Consultation and bloods €70
Consultation and ECG €80
Consultation bloods and ECG €90
Consultation and swabs €65
Bloods with nurse €25
Bloods with nurse ordered by Private Consultant (inclusive of courier charge) €30
Swabs with nurse €25
Courier charge for bloods swabs and msu specimens – with Medical Card €10
MSU's dropped into reception – with Medical Card €10
MSU's dropped into reception – no Medical Card €10
ECG with nurse €40
ECG and bloods with nurse €50
24 Hour BP Monitor €60 private
Spirometer €60 for both GMS and private patients
Consultation and Nebuliser €70
Ear Syringing €50
Consultation and Private Smear €125
Depo-Provera €30
Cervical Check Smear (if eligible) Free of charge
B12 Injection €20
Repeat Prescriptions (not requesting a consultation) €20
Travel Vaccination Initial Consultation €50
Travel Vaccines Variable
Mirena Coil initial visit counselling and swabs €70
Mirena Coil Insertion to include 6 week follow up check €140
Mirena Coil Removal €70
Mirena Coil insertion and removal to include 6 week follow up check €170
Implanon Insertion €100
Implanon Removal €80
Implanon insertion and removal €150
STI check €50
Letters and other services requiring GP approval (no consultation) €20
Drivers Licence €40
Drivers Licence – with Medical Card €40
Removal of stitches €30
Dressings €20
Dressings with Medical Card – There is a charge for the cost of dressings not covered by the Medical Card Variable