Both Doctors and Nurses are dedicated to maximizing the health of our diabetic patients. We encourage regular review for diabetic patients for the purposes of health promotion, and screening for Diabetic complications. The following services are available:

  • Full diagnostic screening tests: are available ie. fasting glucose tests and Glucose tolerance tests, as well as monitoring blood tests e.g. HbA1C.
  • Management & Surveillence: Diabetics may be reviewed by either the doctor or the nurse for ongoing diabetic management, and surveillence for complications.
  • Advice: on diet, exercise, lifestyle,and bloodsugar monitoring will be given.
  • Further examinations: for example: footcare; healthy heart ( including E.C.G.Test); and kidney function monitoring will be offered.
  • Integrated Care: Where appropriate we will also liase with other relevant healthcare professionals, regarding comprehensive integrated diabetic care.

Diabetes Treatment

Type I Diabetes          Quarterly



Type II Diabetes        Quarterly