Policies: House Calls

When you ring the surgery requesting a house call, your information is passed directly to your GP and they will call you back to make arrangements for the visit to your home.  Please contact the surgery as early as possible in the morning to request a house call so that your doctor can make the visit during the lunchtime period.

Please remember that most problems are best dealt with in the surgery where we have a full range of equipment.  It is practice policy for receptionists to ask if there is any possibility of the patient attending the surgery.  House calls will be made to patients who suffer from lack of mobility or those who are seriously ill.

Policies: Advice, Results, Referrals

If you need to speak to your GP, the receptionist on duty will take your message and contact details and your call will be returned as quickly as possible.  We cannot specify a time for the doctor to ring you as this depends on the doctor’s daily workload – when very busy, it may take 24 – 48 hours before a routine (non-urgent) call is returned.

If you have tests carried out in the surgery or if you are referred to hospital for a test, it is ESSENTIAL that you phone your doctor for the results within 7 – 10 days of the procedure taking place

Most call-backs will be made either in the lunchtime period or directly after surgery is finished in the late afternoon/evening.

If the advice you require is of an urgent nature, please highlight this to the receptionist in order that you can speak to the doctor at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that Reception and Administration staff are NOT PERMITTED to give test results to patients unless specifically instructed to by a Doctor

Policies: Repeat Prescriptions

It is important for you to phone us BEFORE your prescription runs out.  We would ask you to give a minimum of 48 hours notice when requesting a repeat prescription.

Please note that in some instances your doctor may wish to see you before issuing a new prescription.  This is in order to have up-to-date information on your physical well-being.  You must be reviewed at least every 6 months whilst on long term drugs for legal reasons.


It is practice policy for all accounts to be settled at the time of consultation before leaving the surgery.  We do not operate a ‘payment on account’ system.  To facilitate patients we have a Visa/Laser machine and also accept payment by cash and cheque.

Receipts are automatically issued at the time of payment for each visit – PLEASE RETAIN YOUR RECEIPTS – you will need these when claiming back under the MED 1 or any private insurance you may have.

Medical Cards

There are 2 types of medical card in operation under the GMS Scheme
1. Full Medical Card
2. Doctor Visit Card or DV Card

Not all services are covered under the schemes – common services not covered include:
· Driving Licence Medical and Driving Licence Eye Test
· Smear Tests
· Travel Vaccines

Other services NOT covered include:  Medical examinations or reports for legal purposes; Examinations relating to insurance policies; Pre-Employment examinations; School entry examinations; Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports; Some vaccinations; Some family planning services; Pregnancy tests.
Please inquire at reception for further details

Helpful Hints
Below are some helpful hints to help you reduce your medical bills:
· There is a new Doctor Visit Card which has much higher income thresholds than the full medical card.  Many families who are entitled to this card have not applied for it.  Check with your Community Welfare Officer to see if you qualify.
· The Drug Refund Scheme is for all private patients so that their family bill for medicines is not greater than €90 per month – details are available from your pharmacy.
· All pregnant women are entitled to doctor visits in relation to their pregnancy Free of Charge
We will apply for this service for you when you register your pregnancy with us.
· If you pay medical expenses that are not covered by the State or Private Health Insurance, you may claim tax relief on some of those expenses with the Med 1 Form available to download from our Useful Forms or from your local tax office.
· If you are having difficulty managing medical/drug bills, please ask your doctor for help as there are some avenues for appeal within the H.S.E. You may be entitled to extra services under the Hardship Scheme.

Letters and Completion of Forms
There has been a substantial increase in the numbers of patients requesting a letter from their doctor for various services they require, whether they are of a medical nature or not.  Requests for forms to be completed and certificates to be signed also take up a considerable amount of time.  Please give plenty of notice and do not leave it until the last minute if you have a request of this nature.  Please note that all patients may be charged for this facility as this is not usually covered under the medical card scheme.

SOUTHDOC out of hours emergency service

Outside of regular surgery hours, medical cover is provided by SOUTHDOC. All the doctors at Clady participate in SOUTHDOC. When you ring the practice after the surgery is closed, details of how to contact SOUTHDOC and the times the service is available will be given to you via a recorded message.

The number to call for SOUTHDOC is 1850 335 999

Procedure when a Patient phones Southdoc
Your call will be answered by a member of staff from the Southdoc base and you will be asked to give details of the patient and a contact phone number.  If you have a medical card you will be asked for the number and expiry date.

This information will then be passed to a Triage Nurse who will ring you back as soon as is possible.  The Nurse will gather all the relevant medical information and make an assessment which will lead to one of the following:
· The next available appointment will be offered for the patient to attend a doctor at the Southdoc centre nearest to you
· For patients who are seriously ill or suffer from lack of mobility, a house call will be offered
· If the details given suggest a minor medical problem, the Nurse will give advice to the patient/guardian

The Southdoc office will forward details of your phone call and subsequent consultation to the doctor whom the patient has nominated at the earliest opportunity.  In most cases this information will be faxed to your GP early the following morning.

Southdoc Payment Policy

Payments should be made at the reception desk once the consultation is finished.  If you are a medical card holder it is essentialthat you bring a valid medical card with you as otherwise you will be charged for the service provided.

Southdoc do not accept payment by Laser or Credit Card but payment can be made by either cash or cheque.

Southdoc Location

The Southside base for Southdoc is located just off the Kinsale Road Roundabout, (take the signposted exit for Turners Cross) in the South Ring Retail Park where Smyths Toys are located.  The premises can be found at the rear of the retail park.